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Re: [IP] Gestational Diabetes

email @ redacted wrote:
> My brother went to see his new doctor on Friday.  This doctor says the reason
> that my brother is diabetic is because our mother had gestational
> diabetes...This man has never met my mother, and (she's never had gestational
> diabetes.)   The doctor says he know's this to be true because
>  1)   my brother was "Such a big baby"...(He only weighed 7 lbs at birth)...
>  2)   3 out of 4 children are diabetic  ( I guess the fact that 3
> grandparents, 1 parent
>        our father, and 3 uncles are also diabetic doesn't have anything to do
> with it)
> Has anyone ever heard of such a thing????

No, and I'm glad I haven't! I sometimes get the feeling that some doctors do't
use the standard deductive or inductive reasoning: maybe they use reductive
reasoning? You know "I don't care to think about complex possibilities, so
I'll reduce my answer to this one idea, whether it means anythig or not!"

Or who knows, maybe he uses "duct" tape...... :^}

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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