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Re: [IP] scarry support group meeting

At 08:24 AM 4/24/1999  CM Ullom wrote:
>Well, this might be interesting to note this here.  I
>was told this very thing.  And when i was a kid, and
>my blood sugars were really whacked out,  My mother
>would take me to the chiropracter, and they would
>level out.  Sometimes they even would drop an hour
>later.  Plus I felt better.   Now since I was only a
>kid, I don't know if there were other things effecting
>the situation. I just remember once I dropped pretty
>good,and had to grab something on the way home.

One possible explanation is that you were all stressed-out beforehand and 
the chiropractor got you to relax. Relaxing will normally lower your BGs 
while stress usually raises them.

It could also be tied into the "placebo effect". Since you were expecting 
your BGs to drop, your positive frame of mind helped lower them. Obviously 
not a very long-term solution... but attitude and stress do make a difference.


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