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Re: [IP] re; leg things

In a message dated 4/22/99 5:41:06 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< When I wear a skirt or a pair of pants, I wear the pum cliped to the 
 waistband.  Dresses have been my only challenge.   >>

If I wear a dress with an in-seam pocket, I rip open a little bit of the 
pocket seam, detach the pump, thread the tubing through the hole, reattach 
and put the pump in my pocket. If no in-seam pockets, I wear Elvis in my bra. 
Which can get interesting if he slips down and I'm caught with my hand down 
the front of my dress, groping around. Sometimes I choose what to wear 
depending on the activity. For example, I attended a cooking class a few 
nights ago where I knew there would be a lot of sampling. I wore a casual 
dress with Elvis in my pocket, so he'd be easily accessible and just bolused 
along as the samples were served.

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