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Re: [IP] childrens Hospital (Cinti. Ohio)

CM Ullom wrote:
> Interesting thatyou should say this.  I have already
> been told by my employer that if I miss another day of
> work, then I'll be terminated.  I have had many
> problems with my diabetes lately, and starting the
> pump, the road for me has been very rocky.  But, if an
> employer wants to get rid if you they can.  Especially
> when you live in an at will state, or at least this is
> what I have been told.

OK, first, the fasct that you live in an "at will" state has NO effect 
on the ADA law. It's a Federal law that al\pplies to all employers in 
the USA with more than 15 employees. 

Yes, an employer can get terminate you if they wish, but be sure to 
ask him if he has a spare $300,000 to invet in such a move, since 
that is the maximum fine (depending on business size) that the ADA
can hit him with for terminating a disabled individual. You might 
also want to mention that he'll likely find himself spending a 
fair ammount of money on lawyers and consultants while he's trying
to figure out how to defend himself. 

Ted Quick
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