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Re: [IP] "Rapids" absorption / emotional child

>  Is there a better absorption rate from the Rapids vs tenders?  Also,
>is the site duration similar to what we get out of a Tender?

Stephanie (age9) has used the rapids for over a year and loves them for her
abdomen, especially! We've never used any other infusion set, but have
always had great absorption with the rapids.

>She began saying she hated diabetes and wished she were dead
>rather than get stuck all the time.  I have never heard her say things like
>this and I admit it scared me

We go through this same sort of episode about once a year. Steph was
diagnosed at 4 1/2 and was "okay" with it til about 7 years old. I think
then the reality of "forever" hit her and it became overwhelming. She and I
both will have little "hissy fits" every so often about diabetes, but about
once a year she really lets out the strong feelings...I'm NOT looking
forward to adolescence with diabetes, but I'm thinking the pump will at
least make things simpler...

Betsy, mom of Stephanie

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