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[IP] RE: scarry support group meeting

Brian wrote:
"Well as i am setting up my support group i thought it would be a good idea
to see what the others offer.  They had a speaker that was a
Clinical nutritionist, Iridologist (which is strange if you don't know what
it is let me know and i'll explain), and also a Herbalist. 

She started off by saying she was not an expert on diabetes (which i must
agree and you will soon see why)."

So why would she even get up there and present material she didn't know anything about?  

"Well she started to talk about how diabetes (all types) are caused by
parasites and worms.. hmmm  thats new.... and how that all diabetics can be
cured by eliminating the parasites and worms." 

Glad to know I can cure this disease so easily.  Gee what's wrong with our doctors, the ADA, 

The sweetener thing really takes the cake!!!!  

Yes, this is scarry.  I have a sister who tried to "cure me" with some of the propoganda (sp) 
she bought into.  She sent me an e-mail with some thing she wanted me to try.  Oh I was so 
angry.  She doesn't know how angry I was, because I just shared some of the posts from the lists 
I belong to, and some other info.  I didn't know if she'd read it, but she did.  Then she came 
back with oh, I didn't realize what you had to go through, etc.  She still tried to get me to 
try some product she knew of and I asked her for a list of ingredients, etc.  I told her I am 
not trying anything unless I know what it contains.  that was about a month ago, and she still 
hasn't sent me any info.  But she understands the disease a little better now!!  :)

Bev W.

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