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[IP] Everything is a blurr

I have never had problems with my vision.  Last check
up, showed absolutly no signs of diabetes. This was
less than 6 months ago.  This morning waking up, I
can't hardly focus my eyes.  Almost like my eyes are
all gummed up or something.  I have had this feeling
before, when I ended up rebounding over night and my
morning sugars are extremely high.  And once I get
them down, things clear up no problem.  But now I have
been up for almost 2 hours, and they are still blurry.
 My sugar level is 113.  Which is really good morning
one for me.   Some things I can see alright, then
other things I can't focus on.

Has anyone else felt this way?  What do you do?  Just
grin and bear it?  I'm wondering, maybe I'll get a
warm cloth or something.  This has me concerned
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