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Re: [IP] scarry support group meeting

I also have a scarry story to tell.  We have a Chiropractor in our area you
claims that an adjustment to your neck will cure diabetes.  He proclaims
that the cause of D (1 or 2) is pinched nerves which lead to the pancreas.
Get rid of the pinch and you will be fine.  I went to an Diabetes
information night sponsored by the Lions Club.  Other people with some
credentials were there to speak about nutrition, etc.
I did confront this guy during his question period and hopefully I was able
to debunk some of what he was saying.
It really is scarry because a lot of people who listen to this garbage
believe it and will spend the $40.00 a week for adjustments.  As far as I'm
concerned it was just a get rich  scheme for the Chiropractor.  But I think
the Lions Club should be more cautious when doing something like this again.
Oh, by the way, the Chiropractor in question is a member of the Lions Club
in question.
The Verreault Family
Borden, Ontario, Canada
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Subject: [IP] scarry support group meeting

>Well as i am setting up my support group i thought it would be a good idea
>to see what the others offer.  So tonight i went to a support group and boy
>i was not ready for this fight.. he he.. They had a speaker that was a
>Clinical nutritionist, Iridologist (which is strange if you don't know what
>it is let me know and i'll explain), and also a Herbalist.
>She started off by saying she was not an expert on diabetes (which i must
>agree and you will soon see why).
>Well she started to talk about how diabetes (all types) are caused by
>parasites and worms.. hmmm  thats new.... and how that all diabetics can be
>cured by eliminating the parasites and worms.  this is done by changing the
>diet and taking "natures insulin" to get you off of shots and oral
>medication.  which she said she has done on several iabetics including
>several type I's.. Because they (worms and such) mess up the acid balance
>in the body (mainly in the pancrease).
>she then started to name off "alternative sweetners"  which i agree they
>are sweet. BUT she said in the talk and on a handout that "Honey (pure) is
>already glucose and requires no insulin to allw it to be used by the body."
> i almost swallowed my tounge.  another one is Fructose "is not a sucrose
>but already a glucose and needs no insulin to make the change to a usable
>form."  i was almost dead here.. since when does insulin act to break
>things down??? ha ha..
>well she went on and on..  but in the end she figured out what she think
>caused my diabetes.. ANTIBIOTICS  boy those nasty things...  i could not
>believe that..
>well she went on and on.. i offered to do some teaching with her but i do
>believe she is a lost cause..  and i am afraid that she may convence some
>of the diabetics to quit or change the diets.
>this is amazing.
>Brian Carter
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