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Re: [IP] Weird BGs


Im working on getting them in that range because Im wanting to get pregnant. 
the doctor wouldn't mind them being in that range all the time.  They have been
below 120 fasting and usually close to 150 2 hr pp.  My A1C was 6.2 today so
maybe my ob/gyn will tell me (appointment wednesday) to go ahead and try.  If I
wasn't wanting to get pregnant I probably wouldn't keep them quite that low

(Keeping her fingers crossed)
> I'm just wondering what your rationale for having them that low is --
> except if you're pregnant. Or wanting to get pregnant. (Which I don't --
> what *I* want is grandchildren, but that's not gonna happen any time
> soon!!!)
> I figure if I can limit swings -- keep fasting BGs around 100, and
> postprandial BGs under 200 I'm doing fantastic -- again, someone once
> said that postprandial BGs below 150 would be better (closer to that
> elusive normal, again!), but again, I don't want to risk hypos -- if I'm
> under 150 2 hours after a meal, where will I be 4 or 6 hours after the
> meal?
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