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Re: [IP] childrens Hospital (Cinti. Ohio)

email @ redacted wrote:
> I cant find a daycare that will take my son because he is a diabetes what can
> I do about that?

There was a major case against one of the major childcare companies a year or
two ago
about this exact situation. It was an ADA complint and the Federal government
a decision that the company could NOT refuse to take diabetic children.
I've forgotten the particulars, but it WAS a big news item at the time.

This pplies to ANY childcare provider, particularly large ones that need to
avoid adverse
publicity. ADA action is no small matter since they can be hit with a large fine
be shut down. I'd lead with that when you are given such an answer, whether they
its because of the diabetes or not.

Maybe you could just ask them if they'd like to see their companies name on the
font page 
of newspapers around the country.......

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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