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Re: Kids Confronting Diabetes (was)Re: [IP] "Rapids" absorption /emotional child

Renee and Sherry (I think)

It's not just kids that feel this way.....as an adult.....until I got my
pump I felt this way ALOT....and I still do sometimes....when I can't
pinpoint why my BG is going all over the place....I fight so hard and then
wonder what's the use?????But this is very short term.....if we (and those
precious kids) weren't human....I know it wouldn't matter so much...people
don't see me with a disease that I have to live with day in and out 24 hours
a day and 365 days a year.....because I look healthy and take care of
but sometimes it gets really overwhelming....I've learned (after 33 years)
that it's ok to break down once in a while and not be "perfect" all of the
time.  I'm helping a newly dignosed little girl and she wants to be perfect
all of the time......I tell everyone it's not a perfect disease and we're
not perfect....but isn't it funny that those that watch us ex[ect us to be
perfect??????I just thank God that I've made it this far with very few
all this to say.....I APPLAUD all you parents who fight to get your kids
pumps....their life will be so much better in the long and short

hang in there.......we're all in this together and we all know what it feels
like to have bad times.....
just wanted you all to know I appreciate you all...and especially these
brave kids.....you guys will do great!!!!!!!!

sorry to ramble......

thanks for being encouraging and helping me not to feel so alone....you're
all the best!!!!!!

Type 1...33 years and my 3 year pumping anniversary in APRIL 26th!!!!!!!!!

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