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[IP] Re Childrens hospital

I had a pediatrician growing up with adolescent DM in the Columbus area, Dr. 
Wm Fernald.  He was not an endocrinologist but good and had a daughter with 
IDDM.  His patients were hospitalized at Childrens as I had the misfortune of 
experiencing once at age 19 once in my one and only step into 
DKA/hospitailzation.  I looked twelve and got treated like it, otherwise no 
complaints with the hospital.

Maybe he's around and maybe he has some pump experience, but not being and 
endo, he might not be handing it.  He might know who is though.  As this lady 
is 23 she might think of going elsewhere than childrens now, see what 
OSU/University hospitals has to offer, Grant, Mt Carmel and Riverside.  One 
of the pumperlist members is in this area now and he might be able to give a 
little suggestion for her, Just can't remember his name right now.    Are you 
out there??!!

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