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Re: [IP] scarry support group meeting

In a message dated 99-04-23 02:33:59 EDT, you write:

<< talk about how diabetes (all types) are caused by
 parasites and worms.. hmmm  thats new.... and how that all diabetics can be
 cured by eliminating the parasites and worms.  this is done by changing the
 diet and taking "natures insulin" to get you off of shots and oral
 medication.  which she said she has done on several iabetics including
 several type I's.. Because they (worms and such) mess up the acid balance
 in the body (mainly in the pancrease). >>

Did anyone ak this person about her credentials before asking her to talk at 
the support group. Whoever set this up has some answering to do for the 
group. Who sponsored her? Anyone ask her for references for where she got her 
information? Oh, well, I suppose that person would buy that bridge in NY.
Barbara B.
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