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Re: [IP] childrens Hospital (Cinti. Ohio)

denise poole wrote:
Also this young woman was fired from her job after 3 yrs
> employment because of her DM. Is this legal? 

Generally no, it isn't legal, but it can be hard to get a case handled.
Als note that the employer muct have at least 15 employees, and complaints
must be entered with the EEOC within 6 months.

Thing is that diabetes is sometimes viewed as not being a "disability", 
as in the Americans with Disabilities Act (or ADA), by some people. Very
interesting, since diabetes is specifically included as a covered 
disability in the bill itself.....

Anyway, its a bit hard to be more specific without more information.
Whatkind of work was she doing and what specific issues were raised
against her? She should likely contact the EEOC about this, they handle 
ADA complaints and can give some guidance.

Ted Quick
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