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[IP] My little experiment

The other week there was a thread about how long to leave a set in. Since I 
was installed last June, I've always "followed the rules" with my MM pump. 
I loaded only 150 units of insulin and changed both the reservoir and set 
every 3 days. But, I was curious as to what my limit really was.

So, about 5 days ago I pulled out the "thingee" (aka reservoir converter) 
and loaded the full 300 units. Everything seemed just hunky-dory until this 
morning when I noticed that the site was a bit tender and very red. 
Whoops!! I changed sets immediately. Now, with the "thingee" re-installed, 
I'm back to my prior schedule.

Well, I learned something. First, I don't like the pump with the full 
reservoir. The neck that sticks out is too prone to getting in the way. 
Second, 5 days is obviously too much for me... maybe I'm not as tough as I 
thought I was.  :-)

Oh well... It only goes to show that everyone is different, but you never 
know until you try.

(ex-guinea pig)

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