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Re: [IP] Weird BGs

Donna wrote:
> Its funny,  Im trying really hard to have all my bg in the 60 - 90 range and you
> don't like them.  *L*   I'll trade!

I'm just wondering what your rationale for having them that low is --
except if you're pregnant. Or wanting to get pregnant. (Which I don't --
what *I* want is grandchildren, but that's not gonna happen any time

I know that absolutely "normal" people have fasting BGs in that range,
but I think it's too risky -- I hate hypos so much that I don't want to
have them more than once in a blue moon!

I figure if I can limit swings -- keep fasting BGs around 100, and
postprandial BGs under 200 I'm doing fantastic -- again, someone once
said that postprandial BGs below 150 would be better (closer to that
elusive normal, again!), but again, I don't want to risk hypos -- if I'm
under 150 2 hours after a meal, where will I be 4 or 6 hours after the

I imagine that, as I get used to the pump, and maybe a little braver,
I'll lower my goals, but for now, I'm still working on the basics. 

Oh, yeah, by the way, I reduced my 8AM to 2 PM basal to 0.1, and I was
92 before lunch today -- I'm comfortable with that! Let's see if the
pattern holds!

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