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[IP] childrens Hospital (Cinti. Ohio)

Does anyone on the list go to Children's Hospital in Cincinnnati for Diabetes
care? The reason I ask is that I met a woman whose 23 yr old daughter goes
there for treatment and she was told,she has DM too bad to use the pump! I was
amazed by this since my son was treated there when he was Dxd in 1991 and I
thought they were an excellent hospital and more up to date. I of course told
her they were obviously wrong and proceeded to explain as much about how the
pump works and what a drastic improvement in my health there has been since
starting pump therapy 2 yrs ago. I think she will pass this information on to
her daughter and hopefully I will be able to encourage her to look into
pumping seriously.Also this young woman was fired from her job after 3 yrs
employment because of her DM. Is this legal? Well I hope someone can help me
out here with these issues.Thank you.
Dxd 1971
Pmpg 5/97 

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