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Re: [IP] Help with pregnancy bgs!

HI Andry,

First of all, congratulations! :-) Second, the first trimester of pregnancy
was usually pretty hard for me, in terms of bgs. You've got certain
hormones doubling every 2-3 days and that can make you much more insulin
resistant. As with most things DM, everyone is different and even different
pregnancies in the same person can be different. But it sounds like your
body's reacting to all those hormones.

I found that testing, testing, and more testing was the answer. Also, doing
those "lovely" 3 a.m. bg checks (I *hate* those) is a necessity to make
sure your basals are set correctly. The good news is that things will get a
lot calmer in the 2nd trimester. Your insulin requirements will go up, but
at a more predictable rate.

Also, if you feel nauseous at all, eating small amounts very frequently
will help with this. But it means more bg checks before you bolus, etc. :-/

Hang in there!


(Type I, 26 years, D. pumper since 10/95)
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