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Re: [IP] "Rapids" absorption / emotional child

In a message dated 04/23/1999 9:58:08 AM Central Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

<< To further elaborate, we had a rough night last night.  It was after 10pm 
 when we realized the site was our problem and I know Laura was tired and 
 emotional.  She began saying she hated diabetes and wished she were dead 
 rather than get stuck all the time.  I have never heard her say things like 
 this and I admit it scared me.  I stayed with her and rubbed her head until 
 she drifted off to sleep and this morning she seemed to be back to her 
 happy-cheery self.  I assume this is normal for a child to feel this way at 
 times!???!!? >>


I've been diabetic for 32 of my 42 years.  Not only did I feel this way at 
times when I was a child, as recent as just last night I bawled my eyes out 
thinking the same thing (but about impending kidney problems rather than 
being stuck).  Sometimes is just a drastic way of saying that this disease 
sucks.  Your touch was probably the best thing for her.

I find that people who show empathy are much more helpful to me than those 
who tell me how to fix things or those who say "It's not so bad".  


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