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Re: [IP] re:leg things

In a message dated 04/23/1999 8:38:35 AM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< My problem is that I often wear something like a stretchy skirt or
 pair of trousers with a top that I don't tuck in (since they look
 weird tucked into stretchy bottoms, and anyway, I want hide my middle
 Unless the top is very baggy (which I don't like either) this means
 that if I wear the pump clipped onto the waistband, it bulges under
 the top and looks really weird. >>

I see (thanks to lasers!!).  I'm to the point that I don't (can't?) wear 
stretchy stuff or tops that aren't baggy <eyes a bit green with envy> so 
don't have this problem.  Thanks for the explanation.  

What about attaching a clip case to a loop or ring on the pants/skirt?  You 
could sew a loop on the inside that barely shows and clip to this.  The pump 
would dangle around your hips.  


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