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Re: [IP] Help with pregnancy bgs!

  Before I found out I was pregnant with my first son, my bg stayed low.  No 
matter what I took to try to bring it up it seemed it wouldn't come up.  Had 
no idea what the problem was at the time, but didn't take me long to find 
out, plus didn't take long for my bg to straighten out. 
  With my second son, bg stayed over 300, and seemed like no matter how much 
I increased my insulin (on MDI) they wouldn't come down.  But again, didn't 
take me long to find out.  ( I thought all those mornings of nausea and 
vomiting were from high bg  LOL)  After a week or so they too straightened 
  If you would like to email me please do.

Tonya s
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