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[IP] Good News!

I just returned from a visit with my Endo.   My A1C is 6.2 (labs normal is 3.6 -
7.5)  Im thrilled! I know it isn't because of the pump (only pumping 2 weeks) 
but from starting intensive therapy.  Hopefully the pump will help me keep them
there and possibly improve them.  I have no complications and everything seems
to be fine! Having the right treatment can work wonders! I also told him that if
other patients want to talk to someone who is on the pump (who isn't a trainer
or rep) to have them call me.  I think it helps in making your decision by
talking to someone who actually uses the pump and is not wanting to sell it to
you.  He agrees.  Just had to share my good news!  

*smiling from ear to ear*
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