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Kids Confronting Diabetes (was)Re: [IP] "Rapids" absorption /emotional child

   Sending you MEGA {{{{MOMMY HUGS}}}} because I too have "been there/done 
that" with Melissa - as recently as this past week. I think it's the 24/7 
aspect of living with diabetes that can just overwhelm these kids, especially 
those who try so valiantly to handle it well, as opposed to their defiant, 
rebellious peers who walk around with soaring bgs, but "blissfully ignorant" 
& wanting to remain so. Melissa wanted to go away this summer, instead of 
working as a camp counselor for the 5th consecutive year. Since her sister's 
starting college this fall, we did not want to incur the expense of these 
exotic programs. She got very upset, frustrated and eventually broke down, 
crying hysterically when she realized that what she really wanted to "get 
away from " was always having to think "DIABETES"..........but knowing that 
until there's a CURE, that's an impossibility.......So I let her cry, just as 
I've done on prior occasions when she too, like your child,  wished she were 
"dead" because she just didn't feel she could face another day of this. 
Thankfully, these moments "pass".....and I now view them as a "safety valve" 
on a pressure cooker - because that's pretty much what her life is nowadays, 
with high school, social issues, thinking about college, getting a driver's 
license ( she PASSED yesterday by the way) etc.......and then top all of that 
off with the Colorado tragedy.
    So my advice to you Sheri, and other parents, is to NOT dismiss these 
very real feelings that may surface. Hold your kids, hug them, tell them 
you're working with them to make this as "doable" as possible, validate their 
feelings & then help them pick up the pieces & move forward. Given the hand 
we've all been dealt, it's the only antidote.

Reagrds, Renee ( who still can't shake the overwhelming melancholy this 
Colorado nightmare has cast over everything)
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