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Re: [IP] scarry support group meeting

HOLY COW!!!  If she wasn't an expert (and she definitely wasn't) she shouldn't
be giving advise to diabetics especially without knowing anything about diabetes
(this is obvious!)  I can not believe the stuff people will tell you.  My
husband has a co worker that says I need to go to this place called Hallelujah
Acres and take barleygreen (supplement) and eat only raw fruits and vegetables. 
Some how I don't see this as healthy! (I do believe that GOD *and only GOD* can
heal, but he gives you the sense to use what is available too) I told my husband
to tell her thanks but I'll keep my pump. Lets face it there are no miracle
cures.  Diabetes is a disease that affects our daily lives 24/7 in every way and
every thing affects it.  There may never be a cure in our life time, but at
least we have tools to help manage it.  God gave all of us a brain and expects
us to USE it! Everyone with diabetes is different, what works for one may not
(and probably will not) work for all.  I wonder if we can start holding these
people accountable for this misleading information.  When someone goes into DKA
because they have followed the advice given (by so called professionals) their
should be some type of recourse.  Maybe then misleading and incorrect advice
wouldn't be given.  *Jumping off that soap box* 
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