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[IP] "Rapids" absorption / emotional child

Hi all --

Last night we tried using one of the Rapids on our daughter for the first 
time.  It went in easily and she seems to like using it in her hip better 
than the Tenders.  However, she went low on us several times throughout the 
night.  Is there a better absorption rate from the Rapids vs tenders?  Also, 
is the site duration similar to what we get out of a Tender?

To further elaborate, we had a rough night last night.  It was after 10pm 
when we realized the site was our problem and I know Laura was tired and 
emotional.  She began saying she hated diabetes and wished she were dead 
rather than get stuck all the time.  I have never heard her say things like 
this and I admit it scared me.  I stayed with her and rubbed her head until 
she drifted off to sleep and this morning she seemed to be back to her 
happy-cheery self.  I assume this is normal for a child to feel this way at 

Just pondering and wondering today...........


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