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Re: [IP] re:leg things

Diana Maynard wrote:
> Unless the top is very baggy (which I don't like either) this means
> that if I wear the pump clipped onto the waistband, it bulges under
> the top and looks really weird. I don't mind it being visible, but it
> looks weird if it's covered up and bulging. Same goes if I slip or pin
> it to the inside of the waistband or to bike shorts - it bulges and
> looks weird.

Hmmm, we Yankees must be different from you Brits!!!  I also like to
wear loose tops (T-shirts!) and stretchy bottoms -- I just clip the pump
to the waistband at my side where my waist narrows -- and if anyone has
noticed, no one has said anything. 

The few times I've worn the pump in a visible location (on the waistband
of a tucked-in outfit), a few people have thought it was a pager, but
otherwise it elicited no comment. 

As far as dressed, I got a LEG thing -- it goes at the top of the calf
just below the knee -- and since I wear long dresses, it works great --
I just have to pull my dress up to my knee to get at it, thus remaining
properly modest (!), and it doesn't slip down or anything. 

The only bit of problem is the tubing dangling from my belly to the pump
-- but I'm gonna get some bicycle shorts to take care of that -- might
make my belly look more svelte, too!

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