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[IP] re:leg things

My problem is that I often wear somethgin like a stretchy skirt or
pair of trousers with a top that I don't tuck in (since they look
weird tucked into stretchy bottoms, and anyway, I want hide my middle

Unless the top is very baggy (which I don't like either) this means
that if I wear the pump clipped onto the waistband, it bulges under
the top and looks really weird. I don't mind it being visible, but it
looks weird if it's covered up and bulging. Same goes if I slip or pin
it to the inside of the waistband or to bike shorts - it bulges and
looks weird.

I can wear it in my bra (in the centre, not the side) but it doesn't
feel very secure and is a little awkward to get at in public!

So I am wondering how people wear it on their leg without the bulge.

When I wear a skirt or a pair of pants, I wear the pum cliped t
o the 
waistband.  Dresses have been my only challenge.  I never thoug
ht about 
hiding it.   Am I weird?  I feel like I've missed the beginning
 of a joke.
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