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Re: [IP] Insulin Pumps and Magnets

Denise, magnets have been sold for hundreds of years by charlatans,
alchemists, and peddlers for all sorts of ailments.   I don't think you
will find any reproducible evidence that magnets can cure or even
ameliorate any human ailment.   Doesnt' the sharper image also sell copper
bracelets to help heal the body spirits?   In any even, I don't think there
would be any damage to the pump, since I don't think there is any magnetic
storage media in  the pump, and the magnetic field on the pump from magnets
in your shoes would be trivial.  The magnetic field in the MRI scanner is
millions of times stronger than what you would find even if you put the
shoe magnets directly on top of the pump.

<<<< My podiatrist is experimenting with magnets for neuropathy.  It seems
 harmless enough but in a catalog called the Sharper Image where magnetic
products are sold, I read the following:"These products should never be used
by individuals using pacemakers , insulin pumps or transdermal drug delivery
patches." Does anyone care to comment?  I know about MRIs being> harmful to
the pump, but magnets in over the counter products?  The magnets in the
catalog may be more powerful than the ones used in shoes.  What is the
problem if any?
 Denise Guerin
Type1 45 years>>>>>>>>

* Wayne *

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