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[IP] Help with pregnancy bgs!

Hey all --

Haven't written in a while (working full-time and going to school often
leaves little time for e-mail!).  I found out earlier this week that my
husband and I are expecting (our first!) :>)  This is GREAT news, however,
my bgs have been all over the map.  I've been faxing my doc my bgs daily and
we have been making adjustments with both my insulin to carb ratio (now
1:10), and my basal rate (adjusted by .1 to .8).

Last night I tested my bgs before bed and it was 60, so I had a small glass
of juice and went to sleep.  This morning I woke with 292! (Not the range
I'm aiming for)  Obviously, the juice was too much, but I wasn't comfortable
going to bed with a new basal rate and a 60bg.  Would one glucose tablet or
lifesaver had been better?  Any and all advice on this and pregnancy are
greatly appreciated!

Andry Kennedy
Type 1 - 25 years
MiniMed 507c - July '98

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