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Re: [IP] scarry support group meeting

Dear Brian.
I run 3 support groups in the NYC area and have been doing so for a year. 
Avoiding the self proclaimed specialists is easy as you control the the 
speaker list and as your group becomes established you will start to have 
offers from highly Qualified CDE, RD, MD ect that will be happy to speak at 
your group. I have also seen many pumpers including myself, that would rather 
have a rap group in which everyone feels up and happy after the group mostly 
because this lonely disease is not so lonely after the group. Keep it 
interactive and always ask what your pumpers want to get out of the group 
that always helps with keeping it a win - win situation and also gives you 
direction for the next group as it grows and changes. If you need topics or 
support materials let me know and I would be happy to provide ideas and hand 

       Take Good Care,
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