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[IP] scarry support group meeting

Well as i am setting up my support group i thought it would be a good idea
to see what the others offer.  So tonight i went to a support group and boy
i was not ready for this fight.. he he.. They had a speaker that was a
Clinical nutritionist, Iridologist (which is strange if you don't know what
it is let me know and i'll explain), and also a Herbalist.  

She started off by saying she was not an expert on diabetes (which i must
agree and you will soon see why).

Well she started to talk about how diabetes (all types) are caused by
parasites and worms.. hmmm  thats new.... and how that all diabetics can be
cured by eliminating the parasites and worms.  this is done by changing the
diet and taking "natures insulin" to get you off of shots and oral
medication.  which she said she has done on several iabetics including
several type I's.. Because they (worms and such) mess up the acid balance
in the body (mainly in the pancrease).

she then started to name off "alternative sweetners"  which i agree they
are sweet. BUT she said in the talk and on a handout that "Honey (pure) is
already glucose and requires no insulin to allw it to be used by the body."
 i almost swallowed my tounge.  another one is Fructose "is not a sucrose
but already a glucose and needs no insulin to make the change to a usable
form."  i was almost dead here.. since when does insulin act to break
things down??? ha ha..

well she went on and on..  but in the end she figured out what she think
caused my diabetes.. ANTIBIOTICS  boy those nasty things...  i could not
believe that..

well she went on and on.. i offered to do some teaching with her but i do
believe she is a lost cause..  and i am afraid that she may convence some
of the diabetics to quit or change the diets.

this is amazing.


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