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Re: [IP] erratic 2am sugars/bad soft set site change/temp basal or bolus?

> I've been experiencing erratic 2am bs recently i.e. (since 4/1) 152, 198,
> 179, 204, 222, 171, 109, 120, 85, 148, 217, 202, 130, 228, 138, 188, 243,
> 203, 186, 91 (last night). The few times I didn't get up I woke up with: 332
> (with ketones, yuch!!!), 150, 217, 246. If I had to bolus during the night,
> I wake up right around the 120 goal. At first I thought it was just getting
> ready for my period when I went farily normal. But  then I started going
> "crazy" again. I go to bed fine (sometimes by bolusing) . I've adjusted my
> basal steadily from .4 to .9 for 12M-2A. My CDE yesterday told me not to
> adjust any more for now since they're so erratic. Has anyone else
> experienced this?

I've had this problem from the variation in dinners.  Are you eating the same
quantities of food (overall), protein and fat each night or do they vary?  If
they vary, those three items can account for a shift in timing (hence higher bgs
left over from dinner or lower ones if you ate a late dinner and the rest hits
later) and sometimes in overall dose.  Try eating the same basic meal for 3-4
nights in a row at about the same time and see if they remain erratic.

> Second question, I use soft sets and when I do a set change, I find that
> leaving my old set in for 2-3 hours keeps me pretty well within range.
> However, when I have to change due to a bad site or irritation, I go high
> (mid 200 range usually). Would a higher temp basal for 2-3 hours work or
> maybe a bolus?

I usually just take a bolus when I change.  If you raise the basal, it takes
longer to come down.

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