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[IP] erratic 2am sugars/bad soft set site change/temp basal or bolus?

I've been experiencing erratic 2am bs recently i.e. (since 4/1) 152, 198,
179, 204, 222, 171, 109, 120, 85, 148, 217, 202, 130, 228, 138, 188, 243,
203, 186, 91 (last night). The few times I didn't get up I woke up with: 332
(with ketones, yuch!!!), 150, 217, 246. If I had to bolus during the night,
I wake up right around the 120 goal. At first I thought it was just getting
ready for my period when I went farily normal. But  then I started going
"crazy" again. I go to bed fine (sometimes by bolusing) . I've adjusted my
basal steadily from .4 to .9 for 12M-2A. My CDE yesterday told me not to
adjust any more for now since they're so erratic. Has anyone else
experienced this?

I also recently had posted about frequent basal changes which seem to be
mostly from 3A-12N (my CDE feels that this is due to the dawn phenom) That
time period is holding steady and now this!

Second question, I use soft sets and when I do a set change, I find that
leaving my old set in for 2-3 hours keeps me pretty well within range.
However, when I have to change due to a bad site or irritation, I go high
(mid 200 range usually). Would a higher temp basal for 2-3 hours work or
maybe a bolus?

Thanks for any and all suggestions.

dxd 7/77
pumping since 12/98

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