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Re: [IP] Info for blind pumper wannabe

I think either of the pumps would work well with a blind person I have 
several blind people in my family none due to diabetes but if you will have 
the perwson memorize the mumber of beeps for each operation there is not a 
reason they can't use the pump to good effect.  My nephew programs his vcr 
and uses a cd player and records form tapes to tape on a stereo system.  Does 
his own laundry and is very independent even cooks for himself.  He is a 
writer and is in the blind writers league here hae has not published but it 
is only a matter of time.  Give that lady a pump and watch her go. 
Don with penguins in a row.  
p.s.  can you show me how to make a simple penguin?
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