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[IP] shocking ignorance of some diabetes doctors

the other day, a technician came to my house to install equipment to do
an overnight sleep test.  while setting up, i mentioned that i was
wearing an insulin pump that might get in his way.  

He was immediately interested.  "How long have you been using it?" he
asked.  "I'm diabetic and I just went on injections - 3 a day - which is
pretty inconvenient.  I asked my doctor if I could use an insulin pump,
and he told me that it wasn't a good idea.  In order to do so I would
have to have a cannula site implanted in my stomach, he said."

I told the tech that the doc didn't know what he was talking about and
showed him my site, which I change twice a week.

Wisely, he has made an appointment to see a different doctor, this time
at the Joslin.

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