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Re: [IP] leg things

There have been several ways I have found to wear my pump, hopefully one of 
theses will help.
1.  I went to a wedding and wore a very figure flattering dress, fortunately 
the dress wasn't so tight that you could see everything, but it was long so I 
bought a pair of the thigh shapers nylons and wore the pump on the inside of 
my leg, not very convenient if you cross your legs, but as the night went on, 
the pump adjusted itself, and it worked out really well.
2.a) When I wear pants I either put the pump in a baby sock and safety pin it 
to the inside seem, somewhere accessible of course.
  b) or I wear a pair of knee socks and put it in the sock, if the socks are 
tight enough the pump stays put.
  Other than that I have tried the thigh thing, and it isn't very convenient, 
it comes unclipped a lot, and even after I modified the garter, and put 
suspender clips on it instead, which holds it together way better than the 
garter clips, it still pulls my underwear down, and slides down my leg and 
feels frumpy.  I heard someone say they bought a money belt that you wear 
around your waist, haven't tried that one yet, but it sounds like it would 
work great.  I guess we all have to face the fact that we cannot be to 
revealing wearing a pump, if we want to walk around in bathing suits then 
someone definitely is gonna catch on that we are wearing it...  Other than 
that I think that we have all found incredibly genius ways of hiding the 
pump.  Clap Clap!!!!
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