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[IP] aspirin and eyes

Marilyn wrote:

> I have been told that a person who has kidney damage or proliferative 
> retinopathy should not take aspirin because it thins the blood which 
> effects  the small blood vessels.  
> is this just another one of those outdated pieces of information 
> that has been proven wrong?  

my PREVIOUS eye doctor (aka as the Witch Doctor) is apparently a respected 
expert in the field (though not by ME and despite her lack of bedside 
manner).  I asked her about this (before I fired her) and she said it was NOT 
true...That the risks in taking AN aspirin , or even 1/2, which is what a lot 
of people do for heart reasons, are far outweighed by the benefits.  She did 
not suggest you use aspirin for arthritis or other things where you might be 
taking a lot...

I still have not been able to bring myself to take aspirin again though...for 
5 years I had been told to avoid aspirin cuz it thinned your blood and made 
you more susceptible to bleeds...and what sucks more is that the REALLY good 
pain killers - those non steroidal anti inflammatories like Orudis...are BAD 
for the kidneys - wahhhhh!


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