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Re: [[IP] My 1st successful Dual Wave Bolus!]

> Regarding Chinese food...we're not pumping, yet...anxiously awaiting
> training on May 3 & 4...but our son  (9 yr. old, dx'd 2 yrs ago)
> figured out that if you order sweet 'n sour pork (his favorite) with
> white sauce, not sweet 'n sour sauce, and then just dribble a tiny
> bit of it  on at the table, he's thrilled to death, and his numbers
> do o-k.  Takes a while for the order taker to understand the method
> behind our madness, but after a couple times, she's used to us by
> now! 
He'll be able to order with the sweet and sour sauce!! Just have to 
adjust the bolus
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