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[IP] helping an infusion set stay in place

Help!  My son just started pumping two weeks ago and we love it!  I'm
having a little trouble making his tape on his tender stay in place.  I
have used skin prep but that makes it really hard to start the needle.
This last time I used it and I didn't put it on as thick, the needle
went in really smooth but the next day I had to tape around the set
because it was starting to come off.  Is tegaderm the same as skin
prep?  Thanks for any advice and all the support I have gotten off of
this list.  You gave me the courage to fight the doctor for the pump!
After a rough first week, the little guy had to have 5 different sets
put in 5 days, we have found the set that works for him, the tender.  He
said he would never go back to the "old way".  Thanks again,  terri

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