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Re: [IP] neuropathy

Aileen wrote:
Would neuropathy only present
> with pain on one side of the body, or does it tend to be symmetric in
> origin. 

It's usually very symetric.

 Have already seen my dr, and he didn't have any encouraging words
> - grin and bear it, so to speak.  Sounds great until the pain begins to
> interfere with normal sleep and exercise routines.  I have an appt with a
> podiatrist next week, but wonder about the wisdom of that if the problem is
> really nerve related.  The pain is more in the top of my foot, wrapping
> around the ankle, sometimes with related swelling of the ankle at night.
> Another interesting note is that when my blood sugar is too low, I have
> similar severe pain in my joints all the way up my right side.  

You may find it more useful to see a chiropractor. My wife had bad sciatica, 
and that's the only way she gets any relief at all. Of course a neurologist
might also be good to consult to confirm exactly what the problem is.

Ted Quick
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