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Re: [IP] no delivery alarm

Diana Maynard wrote:
> Can someone with a Minimed 506 tell me how to stop the no delivery alarm?

Well, Diana, my 506 is now retired, but this sounds like something that
happened once wth it.

> I was given the manual for the 505 (not very helpful!) and the
> instructions in there (press SEL then ACT) didn't work when I got the
> alarm (continuous high-pitched beep which lasted for about 5
> minutes). I am assuming it was a clogged line as the insulin wasn't
> coming out before it went off, then when I bolused 8 units it got to
> 7.2 and then went off.

Whne mine did this it finally shut down and needed to be reprogrammed. I 
called MiniMed about it, and was told to take out the battery holder and look 
it over. Found the bottom end was cracked and the contacts could get out of
line so it was not supplying power. This wasn't covered in the manual since 
it isn't a normal or expected problem. 

Suggest you take out the battery holder and see if it's cracked on the bottom
end anywhere. MiniMed sent me a free replacement as soon as we knew what the
problem was.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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