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Re: [IP] Itchy Belly!- 4/21/99.

     In a message dated 3/30/99 Hughes complained about itchy belly and 
redness around the pump site and CynBay responded with a solution involving 
the use of skin prep and tegaderm.
     I have been a sufferer for 60 years from sensitive skin, rashes, and 
itching.  When I started IP in December 98, it didn't take long for the rash 
and itching to return.  So I
went to my dermatologist and he prescribed a very strong hydro cortisone 
cream named "Psorcon" (Difflorasone diacetate).  A 60 gram tube costs about 
$70 while the generic version's tariff is $44.00.  I did not get the generic 
version because he did not prescribe it and I did not want to use it in that 
form because I had itching problems on my underarms, elbows, knees and legs 
as well.  This is the 4th type of hydrocortisone cream I've used so I wanted 
to give it a fair shake.
     Well, it was almost miraculous.  The itching is gone and my rashes and 
sores are rapidly clearing up.  The way I use it at the IP site is that I rub 
in a small quantity over the entire site (about 2 x 4 inches) until the cream 
is visibly absorbed.  Then I put a solid MiniMed type bandage (without the 
hole in the middle) over the site, then insert and apply the Cannula in the 
regular fashion and then apply a second MiniMed type bandage over the Cannula 
with the hole cut out in the middle.  So far I have done it twice and no itch 
at the end of the third day, when in the past it used to start itching at the 
end of day one.  I suggest that you read the Caution insert in the medicine 
box and that you discuss the appropriateness of your using it with your 
dermatologist.  The hydrocortisones that did not work for me were (1) a 
conventional 2.5% cream; (2) ditto ointment; (3) "Aristocort 0.1% Cream".  
     Good luck and I hope it works for you.
      Stew -  email @ redacted com.     I 
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