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[IP] neuropathy

For about two months I've been suffering with some pretty severe pain in my
foot, and sometimes the pain is from my hip down into my leg and foot.
Sounds like the sciatic nerve to me, but the pain is so much worse at night
and early morning that I wondered if it might be the old neuropathy finally
taking its toll after 31 yrs of T1 diabetes.  Would neuropathy only present
with pain on one side of the body, or does it tend to be symmetric in
origin.  Have already seen my dr, and he didn't have any encouraging words
- grin and bear it, so to speak.  Sounds great until the pain begins to
interfere with normal sleep and exercise routines.  I have an appt with a
podiatrist next week, but wonder about the wisdom of that if the problem is
really nerve related.  The pain is more in the top of my foot, wrapping
around the ankle, sometimes with related swelling of the ankle at night.
Another interesting note is that when my blood sugar is too low, I have
similar severe pain in my joints all the way up my right side.  Have
checked bgs repeatedly though, and the constant pain in the ankle doesn't
seem related.  Any words of advice would be welcome.
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