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Re: [IP] Old VS. New

I just got some new sets with both tapes also.  Minimed said in an insert 
that because of many requests, they are now sending both tapes.

I use the old tape.  The new (IV3000) just isn't sticky enough for me.  (I 
was having them send me the old.)  Now they won't need to send it to me 
special anymore!


To: email @ redacted 
Subject: Re: [IP] Old VS. New 
From: Donna <email @ redacted> 
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 16:20:04 -0400 
Reply-To: email @ redacted 


I just started pumping last week and my sof set is clear and they send both
pieces of tape. I use the IV 3000 because the other breaks me out. I got them
from MM.  


email @ redacted wrote:
> Okay I got some new MM infusion sets from my supply company, and the tape is
> different and so is the canula...  So which is the old and which is the new?
> The ones with the IV 3000 tape and the clear canula or the one with the
> honeycomb type pattern tape and the white canula?
> Jen

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