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[IP] Weird BGs

Yesterday, I ate some inari-zushi, which is made from fried tofu and
vinegared (and sugared) rice. I estimated the carbs and bolused

At 2 hours PP, I was 102, and I thought I was doing fine, but FOUR hours
PP, I was 191.  Weird!! I took a correction bolus, and it brought it
down, but I was REALLY surprised that my BG had gone up so late!

Inari-zushi has SOME fat in it, but not all THAT much, and I really
don't know what would explain the delayed rise.

If indeed, it was caused by fat, does that mean that Humalog is pretty
much gone for me in 4 hours? That's what I think, but want to verify it
with experienced people! :) I assume that the 2 hour reading of 102 was
because of the bolus, and not because of delayed digestion.

I don't usually get unexpected results like that -- I'm not upset, just


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