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[IP] re: Disney Trip

I am so jealous.  Wish I could go again soon. :)

I am not on the pump yet, so I can't help you with the basals, but I
might be able to help with the food and walking aspect.  The food
aspect:  the three, (sorry now four) kingdoms all have their own
internal food places and they range from buying hotdogs in stands along
the way, to sit down restaurants that people serve you.
Most of the food in the Magic Kingdom falls under the hot dog end.  This
kingdom is more geared towards smaller children. Although adults get
alot out of it too. :)  Epcot has a larger range and has a restaurants
in many  of the countries that serves food of that nation.  And MGM has
theme restaurants.  So different kinds of food should not be hard to
find.  Expensewise they all seemed relatively pricey, but then again
after paying the fee to get in, all the rides are free.  So depending on
how long a day you make of it, it all seems to even out.
When I went in '97 we ate Lunch in the "Worlds" and had breakfast and
dinner where we were staying.  A few nights we stayed for dinner, and
did pasta or burgers.

As for the walking that will depend on who you are traveling with.  If
you are traveling with smaller children and will be stopping every two
seconds while they gaze in wonderment it might not be the strenuous a
day.  however if you spend the whole day chasing after them it may take
a tremendous amount out of you.  If you a traveling with a spouse,
substitute spouse for small children above. :)

It really depends on what you are looking for in the food aspect and who
you are traveling with.  I could give you more information if you would
like to write me personally and ask.

Hope this helps,

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