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I had my quarterly appointment with my endo today.  Took in a nice long list 
based upon things I have learned here. She is thoroughly impressed that I 
have a new found interest in control because of you.  Thank you everyone!! 

On the subject of using Humalog in the pump, she is not aware of anyone doing 
this.  She is going to check into it and I am going to do some hour by hour 
testing to see if Velosulin is causing me to have any spikes (I normally only 
test 4 times a day and these are all good).  We will talk more next visit.  

As for my "antique" pump (506), we both agreed that there really aren't any 
features on the newer model to justify the money for one.  

After the visit, I went out and got myself a Dex.  I'm going to do dual 
testing for a bit until I am convinced that the readings are similar to my 
SureStep.  So far so good.  I'm in love!  I walked out of the door with the 
meter and 35 cartridges (350 tests) for $2.42 plus my $15/month copay for the 
strips.  No insurance hassles.
As for length of time that I leave infusion sets in, she sees no problem with 
what I am doing and feels there is no reason to worry about future harm being 
done.  I wish I would have brought up the immune system issue but she 
explained it that everyone deals with everything (from soaps to tapes to 
plastics) differently.  My body objects more to the tape (thus the barrier I 
use) than the plastic.  As you all say, YMMV. 

My a1c wasn't anything to brag about but was less than my pre-pump 9.0 (not 
by much <hanging head in embarrassment>.  I've had the pump for so long that 
I went from shooting for great control to realizing the freedom to abusing 
things.  Thanks to you guys, I'm back on tract to shooting for the great 


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