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[IP] re: Logbooks

If you are willing to use full sheets of paper and a three ring binder,
you can photocopy the page out of the back of pumping insulin.  I have
found it very helpful to track my days over the past month.  However it
sounds like you need something portable.  

Try making your own.  Most office supply stores sell "three-ring" like
binders that are pocket size, or if you already have a day planner
figure out how big a sheet of paper you need.  Use a program like
Microsoft word with tables, or use excel and have the cells show up when
you print.  Have each page cover the type of information you want to
keep.  Photocopy them so that they are the right size and clip them into
your binder.

For a while I was making my own, on 4"x6" card size sheets and having
Office Depot photocopy them front and back, 50 pages to a book and then
binding them for me.  It only cost a few dollars to have them do that,
it was more an investment of my time.  They were convienently sized, and
covered the information I wanted.  (Now I carry a shoulder bag to work
and a 8x11 1/2" binder is easily tucked in, I use photo copies of full
sized sheets of paper).

Hope that helps,
Thanks.  Sherry Webb Nolan
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