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[IP] log book & NYC pump meeting

>Insulin Infusion Specialties has a great logbook!!  Has a spot for every hour
>of the day with a place to put how much insulin and how many carbs you ate
>for each hour.

my log book came from something - dont remember what- it was given to me when 
i started the pump..but it did not have space for 12 midnight til 2 am, very 
important times for a night owl, or basal tester...nor did it have a few 
other htings I needed, so i put it in my computer and fixed it.

I handed out copies a month ago at my pump support group...the hallowed 
leader of which is Brad Saks who works for Insulin Infusion Specialities and 
is a member of this group but he is computer-savvy challenged so he doesnt 
participate in this forum, 

I can email it to you or fax it if you want a copy...
it is a full page, room for 24 hourly checks, a place to write in your basal 
under the graph so if you are basal testing you can see your ups and down...a 
place to write in your meal boluses, AND high boluses....a place to write 
down what you ate and how many carbs//  Cost - ZERO if you have access toa 
photo copy machine and a three ring binder.  Copy them front to back - save a 

Sam wrote
> I was also surprised that none of their products have prices... that 
> would  make me very hesitant to use their on-line catalog. Has 
> anyone used them 

havent personally used them, but they are reputable.  their prices vary 
probably to meet the needs of the customers...sounds like good business to me 
- and Brad is nice, if a little anal about changing his sites...he does allow 
me my opinion though which is all I ask..and he brings cookies to the support 
group - WHICH MEETS TONIGHT!!!  Me, Mary, Stu and maybe Yerachmiel, all in 
one place!!!   look out!!

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