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[IP] testing and bolusing in the hospital

Linda recommended to bring your own stuff, which I always do if I have to 
spend any time near a hospital...espcially if they keep you sitting in the ER 
for 13 hours before finally deciding to admit you.  I sat there last year in 
a wheelchair in the hall for THIRTEEN hours.  tested myself every hour since 
I hadnt eaten anything in, oh, three days, due to my stomach ailment.  
Diabetics all around me screaming "I need to eat."  "I'm diabetic...I can't 
wait"  wahh wahh wahh, whine whine whine.  I chomped on dex tabs when 
necesary - since they had been my only source of nutrition for a while, I 
just so happended to be carrying a jar of 50 (thank god)

Once IN the hospital, I continued doing my own tests, and told the nurse what 
the reading was when they asked (they only asked 3 times a day!!!), and IF 
they asked, told them how much insulin I bolused...they asked ONCE in a week 
I think.  When they put me on glucose IV drip in the middle of the night 
without telling me and my sugars soared, they got a reaming by my endo for 
not telling me they had changed it - tee hee.

Renee wrote:

> when the final bill came ... there was a $50 charge for the use of 
> the glucose meter!!!! My husband actually did tell the insurance 
> company, not that it did any good!!!

When i had my vitrectomy with pump, when i got the bill, i circled all the 
charges for blood tests and insulin...in 23 hours, they billed me for 10 
pokes, at $28.50 each, and a bottle of Regular insulin at like $35...I wrote 
my health insurnace and told them that was wrong, since I had done all my own 
testing and used my own equipment (even in recovery where my eyeballs were 
covered up...I trained my sister how to do it and got permission to let her 
in the recovery room - I did the poking and squeezing...she aimed the strip 
for my hanging drop...told me the number, then I told her how much to 
bolus...then I dropped back into blessed valium and demerol induced la la 

ANYWAY...I told the insurance company, they contacted the hospital, who 
verified that yes, I did do my own tests since I made sure the nurses wrote 
that in my record every time they came in to do a test - oops they were 
sorry...And insurance turned around and paid ME half of what they 
recovered...Cool eh???

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